Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tactical level turn based strategy and SRPG/TRPG 101


zphreak said...

"SRPGs such as FFT and Disgaea are not as strategically difficult as an SRPG where you need to figure out specific setups and strategies based on each levels unique features to succeed."
This is incorrect, Disgaea has several puzzle levels or levels that require specific setups.

"If there are overpowered features or if the customization doesn't matter because the game is too easy/broken or doesn't take advantage of the features, the game again does not have strategic difficulty."
By this same logic, using your review of Fire Emblem, it does not have strategic difficulty.

Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian) said...

Thanks for your comment. I updated those statements a bit to more accurately reflect my position.

StevenK said...

I can't see the actual article.

Private Prinny said...

Me too, nothing visible but the comments.
This is via Firefox 24.7.0

MJEmirzian (mjemirzian) said...

I removed the article for editing and never got around to it. I don't think it's coming back, sorry. I'm not that passionate about tactics game design anymore.