Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 2011 news part 2

So what's going on in the world of tactics games this month? Not much apparently.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 customization video. It looks like you can buy weapons from a shop, a first for the VC series. Next up there's tank upgrading. Nothing has really changed here. Hopefully there's no imbalancing tank parts available like in VC2. Nextyou can see the class upgrade and class change systems. Class changing shouldn't be a gamble like VC2s upgrade system. Finally there's the character advancement board.

Aquaplus has announced new games in the Tears to Tiara and Utawarerumono series for PS3. Neither of these series have ever been to NA.

More details on Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for 3DS. According to developer Julian Gollop (creator of X-Com), "You have 6 characters you control, each with unique abilities and equipment. You can level them up, gaining abilities and more equipment options." and "During missions you have various allies, and a whole variety of objectives - rescuing prisoners, blowing up bridges and trains, assassinating key villains, and so on. The tactical system, and the way the weapons work, have a bit more of a 'Advance Wars' feel - indirect launchers, area effect, EMP grenades, etc. There is a unique 'support fire' mechanic." Sounds like a bit more like Super Robot Wars to me than Advance Wars.

Science articles:
Played by humans, scored by nature, online game helps unravel secrets of RNA. Scientists make a video game out of RNA molecule design. Video gaming for scientific progress!

Chess grandmasters use twice the brain. MRI scans reveal that chess grandmasters use both sides of their brain to analyze and solve complex chess puzzles. Next time you're speaking to a chess (or video gaming) noob, you can now accurately call them half-brained. I wonder what other genres or games that this full-brained approach applies to?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Early Jan 2011 news

Straight into the new year and there's already lots of info to be had.  As you might expect most of it is portable or PC related, which is where tactics games have found their new home.

Magic: The Gathering Tactics launch date announced: Jan 18, 2011

Screenshots of Sakura Wars Online browser game, which features online co-op.  It looks to be using a grid based system instead of the free range system found in other Sakura Wars games and Valkyria Chronicles.

Economic game theory article.  I always find these interesting as carefully designed game experiments can tell us a lot about human behavior.  Game theory also helps legitimize technical and scientific analysis of game rules and player skill, which is something sorely lacking in just about any video game review you'll come across.

New 3DS games announced via Nintendo's comprehensive list.  A new 3DS Daisenryaku title and an Imageepoch SRPG were both revealed.  No details yet.

SRPG 101 article and comprehensive game list have both been updated.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Super Robot Wars Z 2 Announced for PSP

Super Robot Wars Z 2 is coming to PSP, according to the latest Famitsu. Look forward to screenshots and whatever else soon.  SRW Z boxart is above.

In the same Famitsu magazine, there should be details on a 3DS remake of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor.  The remake is titled Devil Survivor Overclock.  This remake will feature HD graphics, voice acting, more demons, and extra story/mission content.

In related SRW news, a full English patch for SRW J has been released. SRW J is a GBA title, a bit on the easy side since it doesn't have skill points or EX-Hard, but worth a play if you're starving for SRW in English.