Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sting announces Gungnir for PSP

In the latest Famitsu, Sting has announced a new semi-realtime SRPG titled Gungnir. Sting are the developers of Knights in the Nightmare, a fairly complex console/handheld SRPG. Expect lots of game systems mashed together with tiny, tiny text. All that's known so far is that there is a "tactics gauge" and that units are activated in a turn sequence (possibly real time).Image from

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tactics Ogre is out, impressions incoming.

The first big tactics game event of this year has arrived. Tactics Ogre for PSP is out at retail in NA. I'm trying to get my hands on it and I'll be posting a review, of course.

I'll also take a bit of time to address a common misconception that autosaves and quicksaves don't make games (particularly Tactics Ogre) easier. This is incorrect. First, I'll point out that Tactics Ogre saves use a fixed RNG, so you can't reload to get a new RNG table.

1. If you were forced to replay the mission, you would have to deal with a different RNG table, which would cause different events to occur, forcing you to alter your strategy. Reloading from the same RNG table avoids this challenge as you only have one RNG table to worry about.

2. You can reload multiple times to figure out the RNG table, then act in a way that is best suited to whatever the numbers are. It is in a sense no longer random as you know what the numbers coming up are, even if you can't directly control them.

3. There is such a skill called execution, which measures your ability to consistently perform complex actions without making a mistake. Unlimited quicksaves eliminate this skill for the most part.

4. The counter for the use of autosaves (given the gimmicky acronym of "chariot") is meaningless as you can use the provided quicksaves to achieve the same effect without raising the counter.