Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 2011 News

Hi all, time for another recap of what's going on in the world of tactics games that I know of. The biggest news may be coming with E3 2011 next month. I'll probably update a little more frequently to cover what's going on with the show since it may include an announcement of the latest Fire Emblem DS or Valkyria Chronicles 3 for NA release. Speaking of which, if you don't see either of those games announced at this E3, you can pretty much forget about them ever seeing an official NA release. It's sad but if you want to be a console or handheld tactics fan these days, it's best to brush up on your Japanese.

Super Robot Wars Z2 for PSP was released, it's an excellent SRW game and one of the best tactics handheld games ever. It includes Hard mode and skill points, but even so it's a bit on the easy side compared to SRW Z since it doesn't include an Ex-Hard mode. Super Robot Wars Z2-2, a sequel to SRW Z2, is rumored to be announced at some point, after evidence of Z2-2 was found in the SRW Z2 data files.

2nd Super Robot Wars OG was announced for PS3. This is the PS3 SRW game that has been in development for years. Since this is an "Original Generations" title that has no licensed properties besides Namco-Bandai's original characters, it's possible it may see a release in NA much like SRW OG and SRW OG2 did. I wouldn't put my cards on it, though. Official site here.

Final Fantasy Tactics for iPhone has been given a more concrete worldwide release date of June-July 2011.

Devil Survivor 2 screenshots (courtesy of Anoop <3). Devil Survivor 2 trailer - warning, contains JPop.

Reviews of two iPhone tactics games out this month: Great Little War Game and Hunters: Episode 1.

A poster named Les made a comment on the previous article about Age of Fear, a PC, Linux, and Mac indie tactics game I was unaware of. It looks pretty nifty so check it out if you like your PC tactics games.

Do you own Slitherine's MILITARY HISTORY Commander Europe at War for PC? They're releasing a free update to the game that includes a ton of new community made content.

Frozen Synapse, an "RTS-pause" style tactics game for PC (basically the game pauses in intervals for both players to input commands that are then executed in realtime), has been released. Official site here. It calls itself "the ultimate tactical game", definitely an eye roller.