Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept 2012 News #2

The Tokyo Games Show has come and gone. No new tactics games were announced, but we got some new trailers and footage.

Project X Zone gameplay footage:

2nd Super Robot Wars OG footage:

2nd Super Robot Wars OG Preview trailer.

SD Gundam G Generation Overworld trailer.

Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai-hen translation patch. This patch covers menus, names, item/skill descriptions, etc. but no dialogue.

Energy Breaker translation patch. Energy Breaker is a SFC/SNES tactics game. It looks pretty advanced for its age.

I don't consider The Banner Saga a traditional SRPG. It's more of a heroes of might and magic style RPG. But read this preview anyway and check it out.

X-Com: Enemy Unknown PC demo on Steam. I've played through the demo. Seems like a decent turn based cover shooter, but nothing I got excited over. Control flow, responsiveness, and camera could use some work - seems like a bit of a freshman effort. Thank god you can turn the nauseating action camera shots off. There doesn't seem to be any reward for clearing missions quickly, so expect to see a lot of players turtling.

The base UI is lacking in controls and uninformative - it will be difficult to manage during a campaign. They went for flashiness instead of functionality with the base UI and it shows.

Based on the demo, X-Com: Enemy Unknown has been overhyped. It seems like a decent tactics game, not the second coming. I'm not seeing anything particularly exciting or original or engaging about X-Com: Enemy Unknown relative to the 100+ other tactics games I've played. Seems like a pared down arcade style cover shooter meant to appeal to mainstream tastes, overhyped by X-Com fans who don't seem to realize or care that other tactics games exist. Maybe this demo will temper the hype a bit.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept 2012 News

Hi all, not a lot going on this month. The Tokyo Games Show is this week and we'll probably get some news there. I'll post in a couple days if anything shows up.

Skulls of the Shogun is still on track for an October release this year for Xbox Live Arcade and Windows 8.

As usual there are a lot of X-Com: Enemy Unknown developer interviews and playthrough impressions. I'm sure I didn't get everything out there, this is just a sampling. Interviews at Destructiod, and Rock Paper Scissors. Gameplay walkthrough on Youtube. You can now preorder X-Com: Enemy Unknown on Steam as well.

Great Big War Game is now available on PC/Steam. It's a port of the iOS game with some extras added. I'm not sure if it's worth the $9.99 price hike but if you like wargame-lite Advance Wars style games it's worth checking out.

One more PC indie tactics game released: War of the Human Tanks. Apparently this is a Japanese doujinsoft game translated to English. I've never heard of it before.

Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes is coming to PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. It's just as much an Advance Wars wargame-lite as the first Mecho Wars.

Here's an iOS wargame I wasn't aware of called Civil War: 1863. According to kotaku it's "More Advance Wars than grognard".

Legends of War, the PSP tactics game that plays very much like Valkyria Chronicles, is coming to PC. Release date "coming soon".

New Project X Zone trailer.

New G Gen Overworld trailer.
Rumors of Project X Zone's localization. Apparently they're looking at how the game sells in Japan first. Maybe it would sell more if the 3DS were region free? Just saying.

Check out this Valkyria Chronicles 3 translation project. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it before. It's not dead and looks like they're making good progress.

A complete Fire Emblem 9 Japanese to English patch was released last month. This is cool because FE9 Japanese version has the extra Mania difficulty mode, so now you can play it in English.

I finished my second SRW Z2-2 playthrough. Once again if you want to check it out here's the youtube playlist. I'm still working on editing and uploading the second playthrough videos.