Thursday, July 11, 2013

10 Things MS can improve on with Windows 8.1

Adding "boot to desktop" and "no edge shortcuts" options in Windows 8.1 was a first step, but they need to do more for desktop users. Here are 10 things MS should change or add to make it more functionally equivalent to previous versions of Windows:

1. Ability to resize the start screen so it only takes up a fraction of its current space and doesn't obscure the desktop. We should be able to make it more like a sidebar.

2. All Apps sorting is still a mess. Folders and shortcuts are stacked on top of eachother in uneven columns instead of nested, making a giant mess of shortcuts. This is far worse than the start menu for quickly eyeing and spotting a needed folder/shortcut that you don't remember the name to.

3. True context menu functionality. If I right click a shortcut I want the real deal, renaming, deleting, copying, command line properties, etc. from inside the start screen itself, not having to open a separate window in explorer.

4. Nested folders, including the nested control panel, network, favorites, recent documents/programs, etc.

5. If Metro apps are to be of any use to multitasking desktop users, they have to be able to be run in a desktop window. Aka ModernMix from Stardock. Docking is not a windows replacement and is antithetical to the idea of windows.

6. The start screen search function is still inferior to desktop/explorer windows search, yet there's no way to use explorer search by default from the start screen.

7. The new explorer ribbon and networks sidebar have functionality issues, along with other newly metro-ized dialogue boxes.

8. Bringing back Aero and other desktop/UI customization functionality that was removed would be nice. Yes Aero is superficial but I liked it.

9. Let us make the start screen background transparent, not just show a mockup of the desktop wallpaper. Give us more options for adjusting the color scheme of start screen shortcuts. Not all of us like the ugly neon red/green/purple/orange palette.

10. Let us access Metro settings from the desktop. Do I really need to dig through a fullscreen purple colored Settings app to find an option that MS failed to add a desktop/control panel equivalent to?


Rui Castro said...

I have the solution, install windows 7 ;)

Microsoft just did a favor to many: linux is bigger than ever, Value is more independent, you can buy cheaper machines with windows 7

some comments:
1- just do want they did before, let us use classic start menu

5- do what apple and google did, have a metro system and a classic windows, don't join them

6- microsoft's search has always been very bad. Sometimes to fix people's machines I have to boot with Linux to search for files, damn Windows Search is so stupid

8-microst took out transperancies because it uses more power and wasts more battery. They could of left it there for does that want to use it

9- I think there idea is more efficient, transperancy is not good for the machine. Perhaps two options which I have seen in Linux, a true transperancy and false tranperancy feature