Monday, September 16, 2013

Legions of Steel: The Video Game Kickstarter announced

Legions of Steel is a classic tactical board game, and developer Studio Nyx is creating a video game adaptation for iOS/Android and PC. The kickstarter goal is a modest 25k pounds.

LoS is a squad based shooter with accuracy/movement tradeoffs, unit facing, different modes of fire, and dice rolls. Like most board games, level design is a series of corridors and square rooms. You'll be able to set different modifiers to alter the gameplay, similar to Xcom:EU's second wave options. There will be both a single player campaign and multiplayer.

Unlike the recent Space Hulk, it won't be a 100% rigid adaptation of the board game. We can expect some tweaks that make it more suitable as a video game.

It looks like a solid and well designed squad based shooter, and I appreciate indie devs stepping forward to keep the tactics genre afloat. Head over to the kickstarter to learn more.


Clark Browning said...

Thanks for mentioning the game here. I am really looking forward to seeing the completed product next February. NYX has done a wonderful job updating the look of the characters. The project's Producer is an avid gamer and experienced software producer from one of the major computer game companies. We discussed the features of a board game vs. computer game and the mechanics will be 90%+ identical with modifications to the leadership rules which originally allowed players to interrupt each other's turns, and this obviously won't work for a pass-and-play game while being awkward for online or solo play. It will still be the tactical challenge that I intended it to be when the board game was first released.

Clark Browning, Sergeant
Designer, Legions of Steel

MJEmirzian (mjemirzian) said...

Glad to help, hope your kickstarter does well for you.