Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Strategy Kickstarters

Here are 3 new strategy game kickstarters to check out. What do you guys think?

"Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders is a turn-based strategy war game set in an exciting far-future science fiction universe. We've launched this project on Indiegogo because we want to make a fun beer-and-pretzels war game, complete with old school hex maps and strategic thinking."

"Storm the Gates is a new multiplayer turn-based tactical combat game set in a medieval fantasy world playable on PC, Mac, or tablet."

"Comic Conquest is a party-based tactical RPG where players battle through the halls of a comic con gone wrong, defeating enemies and collecting swag along the way. The game is an irreverent and light-hearted take on the awesomeness of comic cons."


Rui Castro said...

Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders - i did try the Android alpha version, honestly I didn't get into it, its a very complex game. I need more time with it. If you love resource management and tactical battles, this is the most wargame of the 3

Storm the Gates - theres not much about it and has some limited battlefields but it does look interesting but I'm still waiting for more updates on it.

Comic Conquest - this is my favorite, reminds me of Disgaea but with West feeling to it. Yes it does have females with sexy clothes LOL but the cosplays wanted it that way and some bazookas LOL. It also has males with off the chart muscles, so I call it equal. Its a comical view of cosplays but in a respectable fashion. Illustrations are being made with the help of famous cosplays. I like this comical twist games.

Private Prinny said...

Also a successful Kickstarter as it just released yesterday:

Battle Wolds: Kronos

which is basically a Battle Isle/Advance Wars clone...which I hoe will be good...they delivered on their promises regarding release date and it seems fun.

Please be that we get REAL new entries in Advance Wars and Battle Isle (A man can dream, right?)

iTZKooPA said...

Glad Private Prinny brought up Battle Worlds: Kronos. If you've interest in reviewing it for the site, let me know and I can provide you with a review code.

email: patrick_AT_visi_DOT_bi