Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sept 2013 News

Hi all, time for some news this month. I've been playing SRW MK3, completed it, and I'm still working through SRW OE. As usual lots of tactics games and not nearly enough time to play and/or write about them all!

New tactics games not mentioned before:

Natural Doctrine

Fantasy Kommander - Eukarion Wars

Disgaea 4 port for Vita

Halfway, squad based tactics

Templar Assault, another squad based game that looks quite a bit like Space Hulk

2nd Super Robot Wars Dark Prison

Unsung Story

Ultimate Space Commando

Atomic Brawl

Hero Mages

Ancient Battle: Rome

Other news, mostly taken from Rui Castro's facebook page:

Card Hunter is now live and free to play.

Incognita early alpha access. Still meaning to try this one out, it looks good.

XCOM:EU Enemy Within trailer. Enemy Within impressions at PCgamer.

Arma Tactics is coming to PC on Oct 1 2013.

Mecho Wars HD impressions.

Disgaea D2 impressions.

Telepath Tactics updates.

Watching this footage of indie game Transistor, it looks kind of tactics-based. Not really, but it looks fun.

Battle World Kronos in closed beta.

Chaos Reborn updates.

Frozen Endzone impressions.

Warhammer Quest expansion.

Frozen Synapse: Tactics footage.

And that's it for this month. Please leave a comment if there's something new Rui or I missed.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Legions of Steel: The Video Game Kickstarter announced

Legions of Steel is a classic tactical board game, and developer Studio Nyx is creating a video game adaptation for iOS/Android and PC. The kickstarter goal is a modest 25k pounds.

LoS is a squad based shooter with accuracy/movement tradeoffs, unit facing, different modes of fire, and dice rolls. Like most board games, level design is a series of corridors and square rooms. You'll be able to set different modifiers to alter the gameplay, similar to Xcom:EU's second wave options. There will be both a single player campaign and multiplayer.

Unlike the recent Space Hulk, it won't be a 100% rigid adaptation of the board game. We can expect some tweaks that make it more suitable as a video game.

It looks like a solid and well designed squad based shooter, and I appreciate indie devs stepping forward to keep the tactics genre afloat. Head over to the kickstarter to learn more.