Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Incubator Games' Trudy’s Mechanicals

Check out this upcoming Steampunk SRPG Trudy’s Mechanicals. It's set to arrive in 2015 on PC and possibly future platforms.

Some highlights from their website.

"Unit Variety – Many SRPGs have long relied on a combination of melee fighter, archer, and magic user as the pillars combat units. We’d like to break away from this format and make each class unique in both appearance and function."

"Offbeat Steampunk – While we like the industrial machinery and intricate mechanisms common to Steampunk, we wanted to create an aesthetic that stood out a bit."

"Interactive Environments – Battlefields in tactics games tend to be quite static — only occasionally providing some destructible props — and we wanted to breathe more life into them."

"Streamlined UI – TBS titles tends to take a long time to play out due to their interfaces. Since these are common issues, we’re focusing on presenting as much information as possible while minimizing input logistics."