Sunday, July 24, 2016

Timbertales, a turn based strategy game for iOS, Android and Desktop

Timbertales is a fantasy turn based hex field strategy game.

If you enter the game we have a classic hex tiled map. You will have to move your units around the map and clear out different map objectives or challenges. Every attack is handled instantly so you will see the results as fast as possible and you are able to plan your next steps immediately. We also provide special abilities for many units so you can make the choice for just attacking or using special abilities like heal or a more powerful kind of attack.

There will be different game modes available for solo playing and multiplayer. To spice things even more up, the maps in multiplayer and challenge mode will provide optional objectives for tactical decisions. For example on the plague of insects map you can destroy an insect hive. If the hive is destroyed the insects hunt down all enemy units. To secure those objectives can be a good strategy, but maybe also opens your base for an attack.
Main features:
- Army creation like its known from table top strategy games
- Map diversity every map offers a unique special event which allows tactial decisions
- Heroes every race will have their own unique heroes
- Competitive

For more information please visit the Kickstarter project or website: